Maybe you were on the swim team as a kid, but you know swimming competitively as a grown up is no joke. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer seeking to finesse your stroke and improve your times, or you’re someone with dreams of competing in a tri but the damn swim keeps holding you back, we have ways to help.

Swim stuff we offer:

Hop into our endless pool for a free 20-minute assessment of your swim stroke.  Share your goals and dreams, and we’ll share our recommendations for what services will help you get there. (Not a swimmer? Not an issue. We’re happy to chat with you about your land-based endurance dreams, too!)

Our focus on coaching adults is what sets us apart. Whether you want to complete a triathlon, a 10K marathon swim, or own the pool like a boss at the local Y, we offer individual and semi-private lessons. In-water instruction can be enhanced with written workouts (homework, but it’s fun) to ensure your stroke changes are repeatable and long-lasting. Each lesson is 55 minutes.

Lessons may be in a pool, Endless Pool or Open Water.

Private coaching

1 lesson        $75
3 lessons      $215
5 lessons      $350

Semi-private coaching (for 2 or 3 people, similar ability)

1 lesson        $60 per person
3 lessons      $165 per person
5 lessons      $250 per person

The magic of swimming happens underwater. Logical, right? That’s why we use video cameras to capture a swimmer’s stroke along with video analysis tools and a TV right next to our endless pool that enable the coach and swimmer to view, analyze, and learn together. If you can’t swim at LB Endurance Lab, we offer remote stroke analysis. Your friend takes some videos, you upload them, we pour through the footage, and then meet up virtually to review our findings and recommendations.  $75 per review.

Not everyone grew up with a swim team or swim lessons, and learning to swim really is a life safety skill. Coach Lana is a certified ALTS Instructor by U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS).  Most students learn in six lessons, but we’ll stick with you until you’re ready to jump in and swim across a pool with kid-style confidence.

Individual:        $350 for 5 lessons
2 people:          $250 per person for 5 lessons

For swimmers who want a private swim space and experience. Use our equipment, and enjoy the LB Endurance Lab environment.

Drop-in           $20 per hour (55 minutes in water)

Punch card     5X for $90 / 10X for $165 (must use within 12 months)

Monthly Membership (all times are scheduled)

1x/week           1 coached lesson + 3 training sessions        $125

2x/week           2 coached lessons + 6 training sessions     $245

3x/week           3 coached lessons + 9 training sessions     $350

We are available to work with teams, clubs, and groups – either in the pool or in open water.  Each adult group requires a custom-tailored solution, but we’re always up for helping. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed coordinating and coaching a variety of camps and clinics to teach technical skills, race strategies and how to develop a strong mental game.

Coach Lana Burl leads the USMS Masters Swim program for Prime Aquatics in Alcoa, TN. This is a community of fun adult swimmers where you can learn new skills, and enjoy a great workout that you don’t have to think up on your own. There are multiple coached practices every week, and we love to welcome swimmers into the family. (Not required: Ability to flip turn or swim butterfly, but we’ll help you learn!)