Recovery and Rehab

Access our Recovery Studio (Normatec, e-stim, Theragun) for free on the day of your performance test or swim lesson, or when you make a $5 retail purchase


The “squeez-y boots” use a patented “pulse massage pattern” to improve leg and hip recovery with a gradient compression system that boosts blood flow and helps the lymphatic system rid your lower body of unwanted metabolites and excess fluid.  We offer Normatec leg and hip attachments while you kick back and enjoy our recovery area.


E-stim can improve your recovery by creating non-fatiguing muscle activation to flush waste and improve nutrient transport.  Your first visit requires a one-time purchase ($10) of your own electrodes, and we’ll store them for you.


Can’t get on your massage therapist’s table?  Use our handheld vibration therapy gun for soft tissue manipulation.  Percussive therapy can reduce muscle pain, soreness, and fatigue post-exercise, and also warm up and activate muscles before activity.


Our Endless Pool isn’t just for swimming!  Supplement your run training by moving against the gentle flow of our swim flume.  The resistance of water challenges your cardiorespiratory system with far less impact than running on dry ground or a treadmill.  It’s a great way to improve or maintain aerobic fitness while allowing injuries to heal, or promote weight reduction with less joint stress.

Aqua jogging sessions are scheduled just like swims, with discounts available for multiple sessions.

Cost: $20 per 55-minute session, 5 for $90 or 10 for $165 (all sessions must be scheduled; expires 12 months from purchase)