Athletes are welcome to free access to our Recovery studio (Normatec, e-stim, Theragun) on the day of their performance test

Our assessments are typically performed at LB Endurance Lab, but most can also be done outdoors or at an alternate location that may suit you better, like a local running track or on your rowing erg.

Following every performance test, we review the results and provide specific recommendations for you to implement the findings. We ask a lot of questions about you and your goals so we can tailor the best solution to your needs.

Of course, a legit badass trains smarter while saving time and money. We offer packages of specific tests, carefully designed to give you all of the right information to achieve your goals faster. Check out our Assessment Packages.

INSCYD Metabolic Assessment

INSCYD is the most advanced tool to analyze endurance performance, creating a full metabolic profile of an individual athlete, or a “metabolic fingerprint,” including

  • aerobic capacity (VO2max),
  • glycolytic capacity (VLamax),
  • anaerobic threshold (LT),
  • energy cost of locomotion,
  • fuel contribution (fat vs. carbohydrate, lactate accumulation and recovery, aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution),
  • and so much more!

The staged testing protocol can be performed remotely or at LBE Lab for cycling, running, rowing, paddling, skiing or swimming. The active assessment takes up to 90 minutes (but you get lots of rest!)

The results review takes about 45 minutes. Results include your “metabolic thumbprint,” training zones and recommendations, plus fueling strategies for training and racing.  We can also provide race result predictions.

Cost:  $390 (1 test in the Lab with lactate), or $240 (PPD Power Performance Decoder field test, for qualified athletes)

VO2 Max (a.k.a. maximal aerobic capacity)

Want to know how fit you are right now? This test measures an athlete’s maximum oxygen consumption during incremental exercise.  This data point reflects cardiorespiratory fitness of an individual and is an important determinant of their endurance capacity during prolonged exercise. 

The ramped testing protocol can be performed during cycling (on your own bike, or on our Wahoo bike) or by walking or running on our treadmill. The test requires 15-25 minutes plus 15-20 minutes to review the results.

Cost: $110

Lactate Threshold (LT)

Knowing your blood lactate thresholds simply helps you know how to train smarter.  By definition, threshold is how hard you can consistently work for one hour.  But a one-hour max effort is brutal (we know)! Skip the hour test, and let’s instead use a ramped protocol with lactate and HR measurements to find your threshold.

A LT test can be performed during cycling (on your own bike, or on our Wahoo bike) or by running on our treadmill. 

The test takes 30-45 minutes, plus 15-20 minutes to review the results, which includes training zones by both heart rate and power (bike) or pace (run).

Cost: $125

sweat sodium analysis

Can we ask you a personal question? Are you really a salty sweater? Do you suffer from cramping? How much sodium do you need to replace from exercise to maximize your performance and recovery?

With this active, non-invasive test, we can measure your sweat’s sodium concentration to improve your hydration strategy. No more cramps or post-race headaches! We’ll suggest hydration and intake strategies that best meet your active needs.

Cost: $75, or $60 when added to any another test

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Resting or Basal Metabolic Rate reflects the lowest rate of a person’s energy expenditure necessary to maintain basic body functions. Our fancy machine uses indirect calorimetry to assess your body’s RMR, versus a generic calculation based on external body measurements.

This is the easiest test ever! Show up fasted overnight, kick back in a chair, and relax for 20 minutes. Breathe through a special mask, and the equipment does the rest. Post-test, we’ll discuss your RMR, minimal daily caloric intake and how to use this information to achieve your health goals.

Cost: $75