Training toward a big athletic achievement is a lot easier (and a lot more fun) when you have a team of people helping who are totally invested in your success.

No goal is too small. No dream is too big.

1:1 Coaching & Personal Training

Work one-on-one with coaches who are certified, experienced, and FUN…and whose sole purpose is turning you into a legit badass! You bring your athletic dreams and passion; we help you spend your precious time and energy wisely so your dreams become reality. 1:1 coaching is recommended for the athlete that:

  • seeks regular feedback & desires expert guidance
  • needs help customizing training to fit life’s many challenges
  • pursues continuous improvement, day-to-day and year-to-year

We assess your current fitness level, help you set goals, deliver training, offer feedback, and answer all the questions. Plans include options for Performance Testing and LBE Lab swim membership.


For the athlete who is self-motivated, disciplined, and also wants to know they’re getting a modern, high-quality plan to help them perform for a goal event. 8- to 24-week plans are available across a variety of common race events (e.g., 10k open water swim event or half distance triathlon). Don’t see a plan you seek… ask us!

A la carte customization is available; buy a plan and have LBE customize it to your particular events, life schedule, equipment, and training specifications (or limitations).

Assessment & Instruction

“It’s as easy as riding a bike!”

Well, not always… shifting, braking, turning, climbing, descending, riding in traffic, riding with others… doing these things safely and smartly can make the difference between a fun day on the bike and downright suffering or worse.

oWe offer individual or small group hands-on bike training. Learn bike anatomy, operation, maintenance and basic repair. Learn road or trail safety, and how to best ride with others. We’ll take you out for a down-to-earth session with real-time feedback and support to have you riding like the wind.

Psst… we do the same for running too!


Ask us anything you want. Seriously.

For a single 90-minute session, our coaches answer your questions, provide resources, feedback, and guidance.  

Here’s an example: You’re well on your way down Badass Boulevard, with both multisport and single sport races planned. You already own and are working your plan for the multisport event, but you are a little unsure if you’re doing enough, or maybe you’re trying too much to fit in the other events?!  We’d love to help you sort through it all and maximize your chances of success.

Group Coaching Options

You know what they say. Teamwork makes the dream work. And it definitely makes it more fun where learning and training is concerned. LBE offers group instruction to groups of three athletes or more – for swimming, cycling, running, and multisport disciplines.

Accordion Content

Clinic delivery is customized for each group based on collective athlete experience, goals, schedule and setting. Examples:

  • Beginner Bike Tour: Learn bike anatomy, basic maintenance and operation, then head out for a group ride to learn road rules, how to ride with others and techniques like steering, braking, climbing, descending and shifting.
  • Open Water Swim EQ: Using Fresh Freestyle Coach Dinah Mistilis’s incredible EQ tools, we transfer your pool swimming skills to the open water by eliminating emotional pitfalls that inevitably lurk beneath.
  • Annual Planning: How to set up a year of success, from event selection to designing off season training blocks, we help you prioritize and organize to meet your goals.

What they told you in kindergarten is true: Sometimes we need to sit (almost) still to learn stuff and things. 

Classes and workshops can be delivered in-person at LBE Lab, via the miracles of modern technology, or at a location you pick. Topics include season planning, winning race strategies, race fueling and daily nutrition, TrainingPeaks tutorials, open-water and cold-water swimming, and more. Let us know what you want to learn, and we swear to tell you the truth about our expertise in that area. (We might also be able to recommend someone else if we don’t have much.)

LB Endurance is experienced at building and delivering training camps for groups in and around the greater Knoxville, TN area – and also in farther away places like fabulous Las Vegas. We can assemble one-day fully supported bike tours or host a long weekend filled with education, training, testing, and team-building fun.

Let our team lead yours to a fun finish – a successful completion of a “couch to 5k” run program, or a group triathlon entry. We customize the program for your company’s culture, schedule, values, and wellness goals.