Mission and History

Hi there. I’m Lana Burl. My husband Chris and I have been racing triathlon since 2010, when a few college friends coaxed us to New York for “some fun.” We did love it…and we still do. 

Triathlon opened the doors to better health, travel to some amazing places, increased self-awareness (dare we say…enlightenment?!) and best of all, meeting incredible and fun people who share a passion for adventure and challenge.

We felt that while the endurance community in East Tennessee was strong, it sometimes wanted for more connection and a deeper sense of community. We always dreamed of a place for “triathletes to hang out.” As my own coaching career progressed, the vision of that clubhouse evolved and grew into the concept of a facility that we’ve created. The acquisition of the Knoxville Performance Lab was a key component to serving the endurance community of Knoxville and areas beyond.

LB Endurance Lab is a space for both athletes and coaches to access the best tools to develop athletic performance; the testing, assessments, and analytics to truly improve an athlete’s capacity and results. It is a center for learning and excellence, and also a fun place for awesome, legit badasses to meet and connect with one another.

We hope to see you soon and often!

“Do a triathlon,” they said. “You’ll love it,” they said. Dang it. They were right.

– Lana


The Lab plans to offer a growing selection of our favorite nutrition products and gear for endurance athletes onsite.

Club Discounts

Includes Rocky Top Multisport Club, Knoxville Open Water Swimmers and Knox Velo

  • Training plans, services and lessons (ask for discount!)
  • FREE Sprint Tri Training Plan
  • Open invite to join any group workout

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