Help us help you
to help them.

(We’re all just trying to be helpful here.)

LBE Lab wants to see all athletes become legit badasses. We don’t care who their coach is because we know that it’s the relationship between the coach and athlete that’s one of the biggest determinants of athletic success.  Our coaches may not jive with every athlete; and let’s face it, there’s only so much LBE coaching to go around.  We also know that coaches can more effectively steer athletes with the right tools, and those tools may not be accessible to every coach all the time.  So, if LBE can’t coach all the athletes, we want to make our tools accessible to other coaches. Some examples:

  • Coaches must set some sort of training zones for their athletes so they learn how to go “hard” and “easy” and what those feel like. We offer INSCYD, LT and VO2 assessments to provide quantifiable and repeatable measurements of athlete status, and their recommended training zones
  • It’s notoriously difficult for coaches to rent pool time to provide swim instruction unless they’re already employed by a pool or aquatic fitness facility. LBE Lab offers qualified coaches the opportunity to coach their swimmers in our Endless Pool with video technology.

What “qualified” means and how it works:  
To provide swim instruction to their athletes, visiting coaches must be able to provide proof of certification by a NGB (USAT, USAC, USAS), proof of insurance, and current First Aid/CPR training.  Visiting Coach and Athlete both sign waivers and releases. Visiting Coach schedules pool time and pays LBE Lab. Visiting Coach arrangement with their athlete for payment, etc. is the responsibility of the visiting coach and LBE does not collect payment for the instruction. LBE Lab provides instruction on Pool operation and is available during the instruction. Discounts may be available for volume “lane rental.”  Capacity and schedule limits may apply.

For performance testing (LT, INSCYD, VO2Max, Sweat, etc.), free swim, or rehab, the athlete schedules with and pays LBE Lab. Visiting coach may be present and observe testing and results consultation.