Half Iron Group Training

Are you registered for a Spring (May or June) half iron distance triathlon? Join our Training Group for a safe and structured preparation, comraderie of fellow athletes and the attentive guidance of LB Endurance’s Head Coach.

The Program

LB Endurance is excited to offer a local (Knoxville, TN area) group training program for local half ironman athletes, competing in late Spring (May/June) 2021 events. A program for Fall half and full iron events will be launched in June 2021. Non-local athletes are welcome to participate; see our FAQs below.

Every athlete gets a structured periodized training plan starting on 08 February 2021.  The plan is delivered via TrainingPeaks (each athlete must have at least a Free account). The program includes swim, bike, run and strength and mobility workouts. Depending on your target race day, your plan will be 15-17 weeks long.

All participating athletes will follow a similar training plan, enabling you to work out with your friends, and/or find new local training partners in the group.

Registration is now open for our Spring 2021 Training Group!

For Athletes

In addition to your daily workouts, all athletes will be invited to participate in eight (8) coached group training sessions. Four (4) sessions will be physical: swim, bike and/or run workouts, and four (4) sessions will be coach-led discussions on relevant race topics, like training zones & strategies, nutrition & hydration, race execution planning, etc.

We will follow all applicable local health guidelines when meeting in person, or utilize online technology for more “educational” meetings. Virtual group workouts may be used as necessary to protect everyone’s health.

Each athlete will also choose from one of the following:

  • 30-minute swim lesson (pool or open water, conditions permitting) or remote swim stroke analysis (you submit video),
  • 30-minute run form lesson (outside and/or treadmill) or run gait analysis (you submit video),
  • or one 30-minute consulting session, addressing any topic(s) you wish.

Athletes will receive some fun SWAG too!


The program cost is $280 (2021 RTMC members $265 with coupon code). An Early Bird discount will be available from 29 December 2020 to 07 January 2021 for $250 (2021 RTMC members $235 with coupon code). Registration will close on 01 February 2021 or once all slots are filled; late registrations may be permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Registration is now open for our Spring 2021 Training Group!

Want to learn more? Coach Lana Burl will offer a live virtual Informational meeting on Tuesday 05 January at 7 pm EST. Join in to learn more about the program and ask your questions. Leave your name and email here to get a link and reminder to join the informational meeting (this is NOT registration for the Training Group). https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/79315487724


  1. How many athletes can join this group? Registration will be limited so don’t wait until the last minute to join!
  2. Does the LBE Training Program include race registration? No; the athlete is solely responsible for any and all event registration fees.
  3. Do I have to be registered in a half ironman race to participate? No, but you will be ready to complete one when we are done!
  4. Will the training program be customized for me and my schedule? No. Coach Lana can provide this service, but it will be for an additional fee.
  5. What if I want Coach Lana to provide additional feedback, specifically reviewing my training? Coach Lana will happily provide this service for an additional fee.
  6. How often will the group meet?  There will be once per month group in-person workouts (one in February, March, April and May). There will also be once per month “classroom” sessions – if we can meet together, we will, but we may also use online meeting technology if that is the safer option. Meeting dates will be announced to registrants in January; we will do our best to avoid holidays, spring breaks and local and school events.
  7. I don’t live in or near Knoxville, but I want to train with a group. Can I participate? Yes, of course. The program is delivered via TrainingPeaks to anywhere you are, but you will have to decide if you can participate in physical group training sessions.
  8. What kind of shape do I have to be in to start? You should be able to swim 1500 yards, bike 25 miles and run 4 miles.
  9. What equipment do I need? Besides a road-worthy bicycle, you should have access to a swimming pool, a safe open water venue, a small training space for strength and mobility (a gym membership is not required), and a good pair of running shoes. You will want the gear and clothing to facilitate workouts in many outdoor conditions.
  10. Can I do bike workouts on my trainer or use Zwift? Yes. In fact, we may set up group training time on Zwift if there is adequate interest.
  11. I don’t have a power meter on my bike. Is that okay? Yes. A power meter is not required. Bike workouts will be written for power or RPE (rate of perceived exertion).
  12. Can I still run with my non-triathlon running group? Yes. You should run in a motivating and fun setting. Sometimes it will be appropriate to follow the group workout; other times you may ask them to follow your workout!
  13. Can I share the plan or workouts with my friends or spouse? No. Encourage your friends or spouse to also register for the program if they wish to participate.
  14. How will the group communicate? LB Endurance will create and moderate a private Facebook Group to foster group interaction. You can encourage each other, arrange training meet-ups, and share information about the races.
  15. Will we ever train on the race courses? Weather and schedule-permitting, we will do a bike/run brick workout in Chattanooga in April or May. All athletes are encouraged to scout their race’s course and learn as much as possible, including self-planned trips to the course location.
  16. What if I get injured/sick, or the race gets postponed or canceled? No refunds will be offered. If a race is canceled, we will evaluate and present options to the group, hopefully to continue training and participate in our own “race day.” Injury or illness will be evaluated on an individual basis. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future or plan for all possibilities, but we will offer value for all participants.
  17. I’m planning to do a fall Ironman while my spouse is doing a half Ironman, so…?  LB Endurance plans to offer additional programs to bridge athletes to a full iron distance race in the fall as well as a another Half Iron program to support athletes competing in half distance races in September and October!  Watch for announcements.

Registration is now open for our Spring 2021 Training Group!