to Trail

Hiking? Backpacking? Are those endurance sports?

At LB Endurance, we think a multi-day trek, carrying all your gear to live for a few days in the wild is THE very definition of endurance! Let us help you prepare so you can truly enjoy the multi-day hike of your dreams.

Training Plans

While you are pouring over trail maps and hikers’ blogs, why not get your body ready too? Our 12-week Couch to Trail program helps you progressively build your stamina and strength for any multi-day adventure:

  • hike and walk progression
  • strength training
  • pack load progression
  • weekly tips and recommendations for gear, food and trek logistics

Our standard plan is available for download from TrainingPeaks today, or contact us for PDF version. $40

Custom training plans and 1-1 coaching packages are available. Contact us for more details.


Our Trekking Coach will answer all your questions (yes, all of them) to prepare for your adventure. Get the tough answers around gear, logistics, fueling, how to pack, what to expect, and well, just about anything to help you prepare. Consultations are available for anyone and can be combined with a training plan.

90-minute consult $100

Physiological Testing

Do you really need a lab test for backpacking?

Peak quests and trail-conquering aspirations end quickly if you don’t have enough of the right fuel and hydration on board. And who can waste energy and time leaving the trail to hike miles into town for another re-supply?

We offer RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) testing to determine how many calories you really need, and our consult includes the best foods for you to optimize pack weight.

Our Sweat Sodium analysis will show how much water and electrolyte you’ll need for peak performance to enjoy the views.

Each test includes recommendations of how to incorporate the results into your training and ultimately, your trip plan.

Discounted Test Bundles available, and tests can be combined with a Consultation.